In a room full of people CHOOSE YOURSELF FIRST

Look in the mirror Breathe. Let go. Get up. Show up. Position. Be YOURSELF. Be here now. Be excellent. Move! Give. LOVE. Reflect. Empathize. Encourage. Be kind. Connect. Learn. Simplify. JUST BE YOURSELF. The best version of. YOU. is the best version of BEAUTY.

Be yourself that is your SUPERPOWER!




Nubeena was created with the goal of offering OUTSTANDING gifts and products without the huge price tag ! Nubeena has become a fast-growing, customer-focused online store, with customers all around the world. Just like you we love to shop and we always try to test our products personally to be shure we can guarantee the best quality. We believe in the power of BEAUTY and all the accessoires needed to create an AMAZING BEAUTY EXPERIENCE especially for woman! EVERYONE OF US WANTS TO FEEL SPECIAL and get a rush while using, testing and buying special products. Products that make your everyday life more GLAMOROUS and SPARKELY.

Especially when you truely feel that there are times where you DESERVE a special gift, time for yourself, product you love on your skin and so one: JUST SOMETHING OUTSTANDINGLY SPECIAL so that you can feel the same.

We want this for you. And we all want this in our lifes, because we are Women- princesses - powerwoman- boss ladies and so on...

That´s why we truely believe that AT THE END WE ARE ALL CUSTOMERS!

And we need to be treated in a special way.

Nubeena wants you to have this feeling when buying our products.

We get so many New products to test every week- and we want JUST THE BEST ones to reach your attention and maybe touch your skin...

Buying items online can be task full of doubts, so we want you to realize that there is an absolute understanding from our side. If you purchase something and you don't like it, no hard feelings we'll make it right. Feel free to read our return policy as well.

We've been in the market for several years and will continue to offer great deals because we have a wide experience and a excellent team to serve at your best interest. We have well choosen distributors and manufacturers and hand pick all of our products for you.

We offer worldwide free shipping and try to keep up with the best offers of dicount prices. We are very aware of the enviroment and try as good as we can to guarantee you that our products are extremly well looked after in terms of organic substances, minimalise plastic use and many more intern factors where we as a company can look after.

Don´t forget that you can reach us 24/ 7 with your individual questions on our instagram account or e-mail messenger directly on our web page. Do not hesitate by any means to contact us.


Chief Founder Annie Greenberg

Someone purched a2 minutes ago from New York, USA

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