Makeup brushes with a fluffy and smooth finish but with high resistance
To get the perfect result on your makeup there are a lot of factors that are important to get the outcome you really desire.
You´ll need the perfect brush! We will better start with the fact that to be precise and truly get the impeccable result to let other women make themself question: how did she make it look so natural and still so perfectly blended!?- a very good beauty brush is needed.
Ok your finger can do the job and better of you can use a blending sponge- that´s all fine. Just that - a brush is still the almighty tool you will not be able to live without if you put high expectations into your application of foundation bronzer and so on. For any conceivable thing of being a make up pro- trust us- brushes are needed more than ever!
.."First of all me as an professional makeup artist i swear by the sentence you might have heard several times: makeup is art and you are a painter that uses the face as it´s canvas.
But i´d like to add one more thing: the perfect instrument is important just like in paint- the brush. Also: you yourself have to have an ability or a creativity so that you can truly make art, and this takes practice too"..
Alena Mackloyd Makeup artist for actors/theatre UK
The perfect brush just helps you on the way to be more professional to have better results and to enjoy yourself while" painting". It´s not that unimportant that your brush is pretty and that you like using it. That´s part of the magic. Part of your ritual and part of yourself.
Because the things we surround ourselfs with become more of an influence of our mood and our energy day by day.
So you need to check for makeup supply that you are happy with and that reflects your inner feelings- might sound weird but it is so true! Colors have effects on you and the design of your brush.
Obviously your brushes need to be well in function, they need to do an excellent job while using them. Always look for makeup brushes that are not too small or too big: means that you need to know your face and what works with your proportions! Many times this is forgotten!
We recomend to use brushes with synthetic material more than non-organic brushes (often tested on animals) because besides the fact that you can prevent animal testing you can wash them better and keep them cleaner for a longer period of time.
Often Synthetic brushes are made of polyester or a combination of nylon and polyester,always check before buying what they are made of.
If a brush is a good one the bruistles should feel soft not rough or scratchy- you can be sure to read an exact product check-up on Nubeena! Because really what is ore annoying than to send an item back that you desperately expected and on which you are essentially counting! So when it comes to descriptions, if you are not finding any video tutorial with it than be sure to read exactly about us testing it and giving you the best advice.
A brush which is so delicate and precise in its function, we can say from experience, is one that we offer to you starting by 05. of march 2020. Let us correct- it will be back in stock by this date ecause it was a bestseller and has been sold out completly last year! So as we work with special Discount offers- now is the time to grab yours. But anyways: let´s get into WHY you need this:
It´s versatility and effectiveness makes this makeup brush a little goddess in the world of the glittery & shiny always changing makeup supply.
It´s also one of the oldest and best inventions that is always coming back- in other words there is nothing better on the market that has replaced it till now. This brush is worth having and firstly because it takes the place of multiple brushes all in one for your routine. The bristles feel like a pillow they are extremly soft and create a fluffy finish. But do not get fooled by the softness- the brushes of this type can reach all your face´s areas and get your foundation flawlessly blended into your skin. Also the handle feels very compfy while using it, it has the perfect design so that you can glide the brush into every area of your face without getting a crampy hand afterwards (finding this agreement really nice though!)

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