Lips Lips Lips!
The Elixir that gives a Women Power- the bloody Red Lipstick
Classic never gets old they say. When talking about Beauty this definetly is a prooved fact. It is not that mysterious to be beautyful just stick to the classics- and then try to reach perfection!
So for example the most Epic Beauty Instrument that a women absolutely needs to carry in her bag is the lipstick. There is no way a women can" live for Beauty " and not carry her lipstick with her. To break this down: the female population is divided between lipstick lovers and lipgloss devotees
Main difference: Lipstick and lip gloss are both cosmetic products that are applied to the lips.
The fundamental difference between the two products is that the lipstick contains wax with oils, antioxidants and plasticizers, while lip gloss is a soft or liquid gel that does not contain wax.
If you want to look "well put together" than use lipstick- generally speaking. Because the soft matte colors, the same for more shinny lipstick, helps to create a more conservative and classic look.
While lipgloss is always a little more sexier and gives your lips the extra touch of a wet illusion. So therefor lipgloss is better to use at night or when you go on a date or even when you go to a job interview and want to be outstandingly attractive to draw more attention to you.
And yes, while we are beeing 100% honest here- every women needs to decide for herself- what she wants to conquer and how to dress up or literally make- up for this! That is a well kept secret- looks leave impressions. 
A lipstick will always work very precise for you, it will well define your mouth and the average lipstick stays put for about two hours- if you do not rub it away actively. While a lipgloss will always render a glossy luminous finish with a juicy sheer shade. Lipsticks are usually more pigmented with a no-doubt-about-it color while lipglosses have a wide variation of pigments depending on the light.
..."Lipgloss : ...weekends and nights out or on a date when you'd rather play up your eyes..(the smokey eye look with nude or bold glossed up lips is an absolute win win..)..."
.."Lipstick: ...that moment when you are on your way to work and had to rush. You had a quick fix on your makeup but the velvet red lipstick is putting everything into place: a baddie with red lips is always stroking with authority.."
Make sure that in terms of the age factor you choose more moisturising products and keep in mind that lipstick for example can unfortunatly bleed and settle into the fine lines.
Also when your lips are a little bit smaller it's good to plump them with a little lipgloss formula that helps to enhance your natural lip size.
But studies show that actually more than 79% of the women who use lipstick prefer them compared to lip gloss. Especially when you have a busy day and you wanna stay good looking and keep your decent appearance.
Also: an absolut plus factor is that you can wear a lipstick with a lipgloss on top - but you could never turn it around and put lipstick on lipgloss. Well you could but it could get messy.
As already mentioned Lipstick contains pigments, oils, waxes and plasticizers, while lip gloss contains no wax, and they are highly pigmented, opaque and smooth.
Another big plus of lipstick is that you can create different lipstick colors by placing one color over the other to get the necessary or ideal color. However, with lipgloss this will not have any effect.
With that resume there is one golden rule that everyone is always forgetting- the litte red dress- or the little red lipstick- as we love to compare them ti each other, are oldies but goldies...
The good old Classics are there for a reason and you have to be aware of them- in order to try new things or break the rules and stretch the "basics".
The whole lipstick concept is deeply rooted by studies of how color and pigmentation work on a womens lip, and it also has been worked on the effects that enhace the natural feminine and sensual side that every women imbodies. Ancient Mesopotamian women were possibly the first ones to invent lipsticks and wear them.
It is said that the color red naturally attracts the masculin opposite. People then already knew that red stood for power and passion and is a color that draws attention to it like no other. It is also linked to sexuality and stimulates deep and intimate passion. Red is captivating and perhaps the most dominant of all colors.
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