Trending- and the effect to see things on others! #getinspired

Firstly ask yourself the question: do I really need to go with this trend? Is it something I really want for myself? Because often times we do stuff just because we saw it on TV or somebody else does it.
But  on the other side that doesn't mean someone else can not test it for you because this actually is a good thing! See if the product or makeup trend really relates to you after spoting it on someone else, than go for it!
..."The best make up tools are those who somebody else has already tested for you, the same goes with the different styles of make up"...
You just wanna see how it looks before you really give it a try on yourself. Because honestly testing every makeup trend that comes up is just too much work.
Who has time for this, really?!
If we are talking about luxury lashes or a freaky egirl makeup with heavy winged eyeliner cat eyes, the most iconic part of your style is definetly your makeup.
Lets for example take the e-girl trend again because this is kinda the "it thing" at the moment, lets say you would want to use blush across your cheek and
nose and little heart tatoos. 
You got to be encouraged to self use this beauty trend or even better: see a tutorial that helps you to get the style exactly the way it's supposed to be!
That's just how things works in our heads - we kind of compare what others do to see how this would fit us!
So getting an impression of an edgy makeup look with heavy features that is used in a more common day by day outfit can help you to get the perfect combination for yourself and encourage you to try or use new trending stuff!
That's a cool thing because hey- change is life- and sometimes in a particular phase of your life another ones ideias can really wanna make you go for it for yourself!

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