Beauty storage- wait, get this and have more quality time to do your makeup!
If you are not a big fan to let your things all out on a desk or your just think it´s too much to put everything on your vanity- but still need your things to be outside so you can have an overview and reach them, than you need to check this.
As my mom always said: organisation is half of the rent! So yes nowadays living on my own I can say: thanks mom once again you were right on this one!
Many years I loved my gucci cosmetic case so much that i just wanted it to be around me all the time hahaha... The way i am describing it still seems like it´s a pet or a human being. Well you can see how much I was into this little case. Until it got torn. And this after only six months. I guess the synthetic leather was only pretty and not functional. 
I even thought to take it to the tailer but than discovered something better. You gotta know this: I was taking the thing everywhere even while traveling it was with me. So yea I just had to leave it in the past cause enogh was enough, and it started to remind me of my teddy which i could never go without in my childhood.
You must know i am a dreamer. A completly unorganised person. And I am lazy. Yes, all the things a women should not be because...yes because we are all ment to be princesses ... am i right?
No, wrong. But in fact I improved my organisation. I have now a storage for my products! Yeiiiiii. And my cosmetic storage box is my new favorite. I got one that is kind of a little travel companion it has like a frenchy name its called etuit, I mean everyone knows it is a case but whatever I like the feeling to say etuit!( Probably saying it sooo wrong)
Yes and it has some LED lights that little cosmetic storage box of mine. 
You might think that´s a liiiiittle to much drama about a simple product storage box, but for me it has made the difference. Did I forget to say I am late all the time! NO really always late- and always hungry. Now I am not that late anymore because I can find my make up and blenders and eyeshadows and my beauty rollers. All of this I keep together and that also improved my makeup routine: now I do the whole programm with the mask and the primer and all that I feel like using. 
Really I thought it was the best investment and not even pricy- but classy. I take the mirror also as a decoration and use the rest of the storage case next to my vanity- one I like more for travelling, although the color is pretty and the mirror so decorative. The other one I got is like the simpler one you might already know- it looks pretty and you can´t actually take it with you while travelling. 
Who said that little things can´t make a huge difference- even put some snacks in every now and than....but that´s just me RIGHTTTT?????

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